Thursday, October 13, 2011

Class of 2012

Congrats to the 2012 seniors, we wish you all the best of luck in your life after high school! It's been a very busy summer/fall, and we're loving our swanky new downtown studio! While the deadline for senior yearbook photos is fast approaching, it's not to late to come in and capture those last high school memories! We photograph indoor, outdoor, and on location, and our new downtown studio, located at 728 Broadway, offers a variety of amazing modern and urban structures which make for amazing backdrops. Even if you don't have a senior graduating this next spring, its never to early to start thinking about the holidays and gifts for friends and give us a shout and we love to get you in for some great family photos before that winter weather rolls in. For more information or to make an appointment you can contact Trina Jones, photographer at 253.572.5888, or visit our website at

Nick~ Sumner HS
                             Hayley and Hannah
Orting HS

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bal des Berceaux Plaza Hotel NYC 2011

April 29, the Case family of New York commissioned me to capture their daughter on her very special day as a debutante at the 70th Anniversary Gala Bal de Berceaux held at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.  Roger (RC) and I had the most wonderful time meeting the debutante's, their escorts and a few of the fabulous guests that graced the event.  Chanel was the honoree and the Ambassador of France to the United States spoke.  The Gala and auction were to benefit the French -American Aid for Children.  
Plaza Hotel NYC

The beautiful Sarah Case
The setup in the ballroom was top~notch with all the details just so.  The room was so beautiful, the food was pretty amazing when you consider they served filet mignon to 350 people at the same time.  The appetizer started Smoked Salmon Terrine with Caviar, a fabulous French wine, then the Filet with a Pinot Noir Demi Glace and another fabulous French wine...  The meal was topped with a Florentine cone filed with tropical fruit and Creme Anglaise with RC so wondrously treated me to again when we returned home.  I always love traveling with him, his food inspirations are always a treat for me when we return.


The day started at noon without the girls in hair and makeup at the Warren Tricomi Salon located in the Plaza Hotel.  The salon was buzzing with beautiful, well quaffed patrons and stylists.  This place was fascinating and a great place to people watch!
Warren Tricomi Salon~ Plaza Hotel

The debutante's had an impressive resume, from Members of Australia's  Jr. Olympic Ski team to 5 degree black belts in Karate, all while they attend such institutions as Columbia University and Stanford.
All the debutantes having a good time prior to the Event.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are working on it!!!

I recently read another photographer proclaim herself "the worst blogger ever".. I am sorry but considering my last post was last May, I would say I win!

A brief update...

The day before Thanksgiving I went into my beautiful studio located in the historic OLD CITY HALL in my town of Tacoma, WA to find an alarm blaring. I searched the building and did not discover any smoke, I looked for other tenants but did not find any because our lovely management co had turned off the heat, it was a teeth chattering 44 degrees inside. It had been in the teens all week and the cold was unbearable to work in so no one came into the building that week. Back to my alarm.... as I was heading to check another of the 5 remaining floors, I noticed the sprinkler heads starting to twitch, then water streaming through the heads. I knew that meant at any minute my studio, filled with all that beautiful paper art, would soon be in a shower of water. I ran down the stairs and the length of the building to my space where I immediately grabbed a armful of Christmas orders that were waiting to be picked up. I ran these to my car and repeated 3 times. Then I grabbed my Canon 5 D markII and lens with a current clients memory card, threw that over my shoulder and immediately started looking for what to save next. Grabbed the external hard drives and threw them in the car. At this time the water is pouring into the studio from above, sprinklers are going off and I knew there was no way to save it all. Grabbed my little pocket camera I leave on the thermostat (to record the ridiculously cold temperatures I am forced to endure everyday because our building owner does not care about his tenants), and started to document everything I see. I knew these pictures would be invaluable to reporting what is lost. The fire station is just blocks away, where are the sirens? Surely a multi million dollar HISTORICAL building with tenants would be monitored by the fire department!!! I called only to find out the owner had screwed us once again, the management had discontinued the service, it was not monitored. They had 3 trucks there within 4 minutes and immediately went to work trying to shut off water and help me move to dry ground. All I could think as I stood bra-less in a scruffy hoody and sweats tucked into winter boots and no make-up, was what would have happened had I not come at the exact moment to be able to save my clients precious orders and call for help!!!

No fire, but there was a broken sprinkler pipe 4 floors above me that dumped 30,000 gallons of water which then was filtered through 4 floors of dirt, history and asbestos. The water was a beautiful golden brown. Lost most of my sample wall portraits, several wedding albums, most fabric backgrounds and throw pillows. A few pieces of furniture, one laptop and a bunch of Christmas presents for my girls I had stored there. All my print pieces, price lists, cards, brochures. Some electronics, a printer, a camera and 70-200 lens, pocket wizards etc. Not sure what else as the rest is in recovery.

I can sum up the last 3 months as an exercise in patience, no income, 16 boxes of hodge podge stuff living in my home, delivery orders at coffee shops, and routing everything to my cell. I don't know how "photographers" who always do their business that way can manage. It is unorganized and lacks in service, I hate it. I have a great client base though that has been patient and super supportive, I love you all.

Back to my summary.... 3 months, no income, no studio, waiting for insurance, no apology or sympathy from my former slumlord. Heck they didn't even give my deposit back or prorate November's rent for the time that was missed. So I am done mourning, I move on to better things which includes a GREAT landlord. I hope to reopen in my new location not far from my old location where I can continue to grow and take care of my clients. Mr. Webb and his group will get their's in the end, I am not giving them my valuable energy at this time. Instead I am going to take this day to remember my once beautiful space that so many of you have a piece of hanging in your home, for this I am grateful.

Please look for an update soon regarding the open date of the new studio!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

American Heart Association

A couple years ago I was asked if I would do a gallery of survivors who have had heart disease or defects. I volunteered, not really knowing what I was getting into. I expected to see people much older and heavier than I coming through my studio door with a smoke dangling from their lips. I can not tell you how surprised and touched I was as I got to meet our local survivors one by one. They are beautiful strong woman, in great shape, successful and in some cases younger than I. I listened to their stories as created their portrait for the gallery, asking a ton of questions along the way. It was a pretty emotional assignment for me, I marveled at each persons individual strength and drive to fight and to educate. I have 3 kids in my gallery..... as a mother that hits a whole other heart string. I have attended and photographed my third Go Red for Woman luncheon and two Heart Balls. At each and every one I learn more, the statistics are staggering. At some point I will post the gallery, but for now am showing a shot of the local ambassadors that we took for a billboard display.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Family Fun!

Family Fun!

Had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family a couple weeks ago while we had some nice weather. We had a great time hanging out outside the studio while doing a few fun shots inside too. The kids were a blast and real troopers while I drug them around.

Love the choice of outfits, works great color or black and white. The uniform tones allows the true expressions to be seen and the attention stays where it should, on those gorgeous little faces.

Friday, March 5, 2010



If you found yourself short on senior portrait wallets don't worry, we are having a REORDER special. You will save 25% of any wallet reorder for the month of March. So count those invites and check your lists, invitations to Graduation should be going out next month!

If you have not yet made your appointment for a session now is the time. The weather is great and spring break is a great time to have your portrait taken. You don't have to get up so early and will be fresh for your session. We have an awesome studio with cool urban options and are located in a perfect spot for a ton of variety in your selections. Make your apopintment before April 20 and get 8 wallets to add to your collections as a complimetary gift. CHECK OUT THE NEW WEBSITE!!!!

A Note to the Parents!!
Parents, time for your homework..... don't send your precious child out in the city or parks with someone who is not a professional! They are ducking into abandoned buildings and changing in the open or their car. Make sure you are sending your child to a studio, they should be able to accept your credit card, and have a private area for your student to change. I see non professionals meeting young gals all the time around town and have come across a few in the middle of a clothing change in public places. Because they have a website does not mean they have a studio, drive by prior to their appointment and make sure you are sending your child to a reputable place.