Friday, May 7, 2010

American Heart Association

A couple years ago I was asked if I would do a gallery of survivors who have had heart disease or defects. I volunteered, not really knowing what I was getting into. I expected to see people much older and heavier than I coming through my studio door with a smoke dangling from their lips. I can not tell you how surprised and touched I was as I got to meet our local survivors one by one. They are beautiful strong woman, in great shape, successful and in some cases younger than I. I listened to their stories as created their portrait for the gallery, asking a ton of questions along the way. It was a pretty emotional assignment for me, I marveled at each persons individual strength and drive to fight and to educate. I have 3 kids in my gallery..... as a mother that hits a whole other heart string. I have attended and photographed my third Go Red for Woman luncheon and two Heart Balls. At each and every one I learn more, the statistics are staggering. At some point I will post the gallery, but for now am showing a shot of the local ambassadors that we took for a billboard display.

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