Friday, March 5, 2010



If you found yourself short on senior portrait wallets don't worry, we are having a REORDER special. You will save 25% of any wallet reorder for the month of March. So count those invites and check your lists, invitations to Graduation should be going out next month!

If you have not yet made your appointment for a session now is the time. The weather is great and spring break is a great time to have your portrait taken. You don't have to get up so early and will be fresh for your session. We have an awesome studio with cool urban options and are located in a perfect spot for a ton of variety in your selections. Make your apopintment before April 20 and get 8 wallets to add to your collections as a complimetary gift. CHECK OUT THE NEW WEBSITE!!!!

A Note to the Parents!!
Parents, time for your homework..... don't send your precious child out in the city or parks with someone who is not a professional! They are ducking into abandoned buildings and changing in the open or their car. Make sure you are sending your child to a studio, they should be able to accept your credit card, and have a private area for your student to change. I see non professionals meeting young gals all the time around town and have come across a few in the middle of a clothing change in public places. Because they have a website does not mean they have a studio, drive by prior to their appointment and make sure you are sending your child to a reputable place.

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